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Sales Executives

  • Lynn Flurry Lynn Flurry Senior Sales Executive
  • Jennifer Roy Jennifer Roy Senior Sales Executive
  • Amy Lousteau Amy Lousteau Senior Sales Executive
  • Lauren Mongrue Lauren Mongrue Senior Sales Executive
  • Leon Lemoine Leon Lemoine Senior Sales Executive
  • Brian Bateman Brian Bateman Senior Sales Executive
  • Beau Olivier Beau Olivier Sales Executive
  • Dan Calvert Dan Calvert Sales Executive
  • Brian Smith Brian Smith Sales Executive
  • Bethany Scallan Bethany Scallan Sales Executive
  • Katie O'Malley Katie O'Malley Sales Executive
  • Brandon Warren Brandon Warren Sales Executive
  • Wendell Thomas Wendell Thomas Sales Executive
  • Jacob Verret Jacob Verret Sales Executive
  • Brennan Rock Brennan Rock Sales Executive
  • Lenny Chaisson Lenny Chaisson Sales Executive
  • Adam Lato Adam Lato Sales Executive
  • Eric Davis Eric Davis Sales Executive
  • Brittany Sevier Brittany Sevier Sales Executive
  • Blair Chenevert Blair Chenevert Sales Executive
  • Ben Marshall Ben Marshall Sales Executive
  • Dean Frantz Dean Frantz Sales Executive
  • Tony Shemroske Tony Shemroske Sales Executive
  • Joe Freitas Joe Freitas Sales Executive
  • Krystal Landry Krystal Landry Sales Executive
  • Clayton Rotz Clayton Rotz Sales Executive
  • Chris Duda Chris Duda Sales Executive
  • Terry Nizzo Terry Nizzo Sales Executive
  • Jennifer Breaux Jennifer Breaux Sales Executive
  • Nick Aucoin Nick Aucoin Sales Executive
  • Jordan Nauck Jordan Nauck Sales Executive
  • Matt Dearman Matt Dearman Sales Executive


  • Richard Lipsey Richard Lipsey Chairman
  • Laurie Aronson Laurie Aronson President & CEO
  • Flint Virgets Flint Virgets Vice President &
    General Manager
  • Mark Emonet Mark Emonet Vice President & CFO


  • Jason Cloessner Jason Cloessner Product Development Manager
  • Donald Caillier Don Caillier National Key Account Manager
  • Aaron Keating Aaron Keating Chief Information Officer
  • Brett Frey Brett Frey Director of Purchasing
  • Garrett Prather Garrett Prather National Sales Manager
  • Blaine Hidalgo Blaine Hidalgo Assistant Controller
  • Chad Bell Chad Bell Assistant Sales Manager
  • Travis Glover Travis Glover Compliance, Asset Protection and Safety
  • Matt France Matt France Distribution Center Manager
  • Rob Abruzzino Rob Abruzzino Marketing Manager


  • Dale Luke Dale Luke Senior Sales Executive
  • Missy Wroten Missy Wroten Accounts Payable Manager
  • Robin Diez Robin Diez Credit Manager
  • Matthew Lane Matt Lane Inventory Control Coordinator
  • Mary Dilling Mary Dilling Executive Assistant
  • Kayla Cordell Kayla Cordell Credit Specialist
  • Emily Jane Jones Emily Jane Jones Executive Assistant
  • Lauren Carballo Lauren Carballo Human Resources Manager
  • Shane Warren Shane Warren Purchasing Assistant
  • Jane Nicholson Jane Nicholson Credit Assistant
  • Sydnee Campanile Sydnee Campanile Office Assistant
  • Richard Bourque Richard Bourque Systems Administrator
  • Chris Fourroux Chris Fourroux Purchasing Assistant
  • Eddie Van Kerkhove Eddie Van Kerkhove Buildings & Grounds
  • Evan Maurer Evan Maurer Payment Processing
  • Scott Duet Scott Duet NFA / Returns Lead


  • Chris Patterson Chris Patterson Key Accounts & Returns Processing
  • Justin Woods Justin Woods Warehouse
  • Allen Burks Allen Burks Warehouse
  • Chase Phillips Chase Phillips Warehouse
  • Matthew Mannen Matt Mannen Warehouse
  • DeShawn Dean DeShawn Dean Warehouse
  • Manya Robinson Manya Robinson Warehouse
  • Myles Brumfield Myles Brumfield Receiving Manager
  • Emmaniel Ross Emmaniel Ross Warehouse
  • Paul O'Malley Paul O'Malley Warehouse
  • Kevin Jennings Kevin Jennings Warehouse
  • Eric Fernandez Eric Fernandez Warehouse
  • Austin Harris Austin Harris Warehouse
  • Elliott Elbert Elliott Elbert Warehouse
  • Dylan Bell Dylan Bell Warehouse
  • Chris Kwan Chris Kwan Warehouse
  • Josh Jasper Josh Jasper Warehouse
  • Robert Marks Robert Marks Warehouse
  • Khiry Martin Khiry Martin Warehouse




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